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Legal Expertise You Can Rely On

Legal Expertise You Can Rely On

Legal Expertise You Can Rely OnLegal Expertise You Can Rely On



yoko, orange county

The Best Attorney

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous
September 15, 2019

She has been my attorney for over two years . She’s very experienced, knowledgeable and professional. She can be very tough in a situation that she needs to be. But she has a very kind and warm personality. She’s been helping me getting through a tough time I’m going through right now. She listens to me in compassion and consults me with her great judgements. Also, she tries to accommodate my needs in various situations. She always tries her best. She really cares about her clients. I highly recommend her. She is the best in our business launch. Law Firm helped us get started with a structure that worked for us."

michelle, orange county


If you want a caring attorney, Rhonda is it!

5.0 stars

Posted by Michelle
July 28, 2019

I had Rhonda as my attorney several years ago where she did a great job! Years later, after my husband was arrested for not paying child support and Alimony, he served me a motion to modify support yet again. With such short notice she was unable to actually come to Court but was so sweet she sent me all the necessary documents for court the next day. To boot she ended up showing up at court but missed me by minutes. She is an excellent attorney and I call her my friend!

steven, orange county


Fantastic attorney!

5.0 stars

Posted by Steven
March 22, 2019

Rhonda knows what works and what doesn’t. Divorce is super stressful and it’s hard to see clearly. I’ve had moments where I’ve freaked out and wanted to file things out of emotional reactions and Rhonda would warn against it and explain why it wouldn’t work. Once I didn’t listen and it turned out just as she said it would. If you have kids, it makes divorce even tougher as you feel like you’re losing your children. Ms. Ellifritz really cares about kids and the courts only care about the kids as well. The court won’t really care about you or your ex. It’s hard to find a lawyer that truly has your best interest in mind. If you want someone on your team that will work for your best interest (since the court won’t) than this is the attorney for you. She is well respected and you’ll have a better outcome.


Mariano, Orange County



5.0 stars

Posted by Mariano
January 24, 2019

After an unsatisfied experience with a previous attorney . I was recommended to Rhonda Ellifritz for my case. From the time we consulted to the final judgement I felt more as a family member with her wanting to help, personal, experience, knowledgeable and professional and also willing to be aggressive if needed. Knowing she is a call away if I should have any questions or need her again brings comfort. I highly recommend Rhonda.

gregg, orange county

Awesome attorney

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous
January 20, 2019

I was referred to Rhonda by a friend. My previous attorney/attorneys, I felt, took me for a ride. I had to go back to family court to fight over a custody battle, I had reached out to Rhonda, we met at her office and discussed what was at hand. She was very professional at what she does. She doesn’t mess around with all the nonsense or bs. She fights for what is right in the given situation. I was pleased with the outcome and if the situation arises where I need her representation again, I will definitely retain her again!aw Firm, for helping me sort through all my options and find the one that felt truly right for me."

eric, orange county

 Very experienced and very thorough Family Law attorney

5.0 stars

Posted by Eric
April 19, 2017

Well Rhonda was my second attorney. After getting ripped off by a local fountain valley firm that did nothing but take my money. I found Rhonda and felt very comfortable with her from the beginning. Not only did she explain everything to me, but she was very thorough and worked very hard in solving my divorce with major child custody issues. The end result was honestly much better than I thought would ever happen to a single father in CALIFORNIA!!! There's no doubt she's one of the best Attorneys out there!